Welcome to GM Tuck YouTube Gaming Channel’s Vampire the Masquerade New Orleans by Night V5 campaign. We hope that you enjoy our story.

Please be aware that while the setting, lore, and SPCs are inspired by the old VtM sourcebook New Orleans by Night they have been re-vamped for our group’s story. While our group does try to stick closely to the rules as defined by the VtM V5 Corebook we do abide by the philosophy of story over rules (within reason). It is also noteworthy that lore from previous versions of VtM is utilized and referenced but has also been modified to suit the purpose of our story.

Please also be aware that, while this story can 100% be enjoyed on its own, it is a spin-off series to our previous Wraith the Oblivion: Tempests of New Orleans and Dark Ages Vampire: Merchants of Venice Stories.


Portions of the materials are the copyrights and trademarks of Paradox Interactive AB, and are used with permission. All rights reserved. For more information please visit worldofdarkness.com

New Orleans by Night - A V5 Campaign Log

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